Bridging the Gap

Sharing dōTERRA with Healthcare Professionals

Have you ever wanted to share essential oils with a nurse or doctor but felt intimidated or just didn’t know how to get the conversation started? Perhaps you worked up the courage but felt as if you got shut down quickly. You’re not alone, and this month’s Clearly Essential business-focused educational webinar will likely enlighten […]

Increase Your Freedom, Productivity, and Joy!

You can achieve more by doing less

Can you imagine a life in which you have the freedom to focus, to be present, and to be spontaneous? Do you believe you could actually achieve more by doing less? A few months ago I attended Free to Focus, Michael Hyatt‘s virtual productivity summit, and now I’m on a personal mission to stay present, […]

The dōTERRA Difference

A closer look at dōTERRA's business opportunity and compensation

Have you wondered what makes dōTERRA’s business opportunity unique or found yourself thinking dōTERRA is probably not much different from any other network marketing company? That’s what I thought, too, when I began using the oils and seeing the benefits to our health. I wanted to help as many people as possible, and that’s how my […]

Happy Together

Building a thriving business as a team

Every once in awhile I meet a couple who is just killing it in their network marketing business: working together seemingly without a hitch, taking on their prospective roles, filling in for each other when necessary, and doing everything side by side, from housework and child-rearing to teaching classes and launching new business builders. They appear to have […]

Road to Diamond

What I'd say if you interviewed me about my journey

Shortly after I achieved the rank of Diamond with doTERRA, my enroller interviewed me for a team call, and then a leadership magazine writer interviewed me for an article. I thought I would just share the answers to some of the questions my interviewers asked. If you’re also building a business, I hope it helps and […]