Sensational Skin

How dōTERRA can help you love and nourish your largest organ

Many people want to know how to take care of their skin effectively without harmful chemicals or harsh products. I’ve found great success for myself and my family using dōTERRA essential oils and products to support healthy skin. When working to maintain healthy, glowing skin, it is important to remember that our skin is our […]

dōTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack

Life-Changing Nutrients in One Little Box

Today I’d like to share a little more about one of my very favorite products: Lifelong Vitality. This is dōTERRA’s # 1 selling product, containing three unique whole food supplements that, along with diet and exercise, can aid in disease prevention and better health. These supplements help support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, promote […]

Adrenals Got You Down?

Hope and help for adrenal support

Have you ever wondered if you might have adrenal fatigue? If you experience difficulty getting up in the morning, inability to handle stress, regular and unexplained fatigue, cravings for salty foods, mild depressive feelings, trouble sleeping, overuse of stimulants like caffeine, and/or a weakened immune system, you might be in need of some adrenal support. Accomplishing […]

Winter Wellness

Five recipes to support your physical and emotional health this season

Winter brings holiday celebrations, cozy times inside with family members, and the pleasure of snuggling up with a great book. Depending on where you live, it can be a beautiful time of year, perhaps with pristine snow falling and making everything around you feel fresh and new. Winter also brings some health concerns, such as […]

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Natural options to get the rest your body needs

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your sleep? (Consider quality, quantity, and consistency.) On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your waking hours? (1=tired/groggy, 10=alert/productive) If you rated your sleep less than a 7, how long has it been that way? Sleep is an important function of the body for […]

Where and How to Apply Oils Topically

Application Tips + Blending vs. Layering

When it comes to topical application, anyone can easily become confused about when, where, how, and why to apply essential oils. A common question I often hear regarding using multiple essential oils at once is, “Should I layer the oils, or should I blend them?” The easiest answer is, “When in doubt, layer.” I usually rely […]

My dōTERRA Healing Hands Adventure

Passports and Spanish and Cardamom, Oh My!

I’m so excited about this post but have found it difficult to know how and where to start. I made a special announcement to my team and have told a few family members, but until now I haven’t publicly shared the adventure on which I plan to embark next February, Lord willing. This is the […]

The dōTERRA Difference

A closer look at dōTERRA's business opportunity and compensation

Have you wondered what makes dōTERRA’s business opportunity unique or found yourself thinking dōTERRA is probably not much different from any other network marketing company? That’s what I thought, too, when I began using the oils and seeing the benefits to our health. I wanted to help as many people as possible, and that’s how my […]

BOGOs are Back: Day 5

Final day of dōTERRA's BOGO deals

The last day of dōTERRA’s buy-one, get-one deals is today! I’m a little sad to say good-bye since it has been fun to see the excitement on my team and rewarding to help more people understand the benefits of oils and products they may not have tried before. Today’s BOGO is: Buy 1 TerraZyme ($37.50 […]