Helichrysum Highlight

Product uses and testimonials from the Clearly Essential Team

Known as one of the best essential oils for skin, Helichrysum essential oil contains rejuvenating benefits that can help to promote a healthy-looking complexion. With molecular compounds that can help improve the appearance of skin, Helichrysum oil is a smart addition to any skin care regimen. One of the greatest benefits of Helichrysum oil is […]

Fitness with Essential Oils

Get motivated and improve athletic performance with dōTERRA

If you’ve been using essential oils but haven’t done a gym bag makeover, you’re missing out on a simple but effective way to put your oils to great use! I recommend trying them for fitness-related tension, fatigue, odor, and soreness. Your dōTERRA essential oils and supplements can provide the support you need for energy, motivation, […]

Guatemala Trip Recap

Overview and Highlights from My Healing Hands Adventure

Three months ago, I shared that I was preparing to go on my first dōTERRA Healing Hands trip Feb. 12-19. My husband and I embarked with eager anticipation but purposely attempted not to be too specific in our expectations. We just wanted to go along for the adventure, witness what Healing Hands does on the […]