Happy Together

Building a thriving business as a team

Every once in awhile I meet a couple who is just killing it in their network marketing business: working together seemingly without a hitch, taking on their prospective roles, filling in for each other when necessary, and doing everything side by side, from housework and child-rearing to teaching classes and launching new business builders. They appear to have […]

Breathe Better with dōTERRA

Nature's best support for your respiratory system

Whether it’s pollen, dander, or germs that are flying, plenty of things in the air can give us cause to search for something to support our respiratory systems. Before I had my toolbox of dōTERRA’s natural solutions, I used to be frustrated that nothing I tried (natural or synthetic) seemed to help much. Now that […]

Fall in Love with dōTERRA

Six autumn-inspired food, drink, and diffuser recipes

Fall is in the air, especially where I recently took this photo on the way up to the summit of Pikes Peak, Colorado, but also quite likely in your neck of the woods. Today I’m sharing six of my favorite fall recipes, most of which came from dōTERRA’s Living magazines and can also be found […]

Review of dōTERRA’s Newest Products

My favorite dōTERRA product launch to date!

On Monday, Oct. 3, dōTERRA will launch 23 new or updated products to the public. I and 30,000 of my friends who attended dōTERRA’s convention have been enjoying (loving!) these items for a couple of weeks, and I thought I’d offer an overview and my personal review of the products, along with some usage tips […]