Road to Diamond

What I'd say if you interviewed me about my journey

Shortly after I achieved the rank of Diamond with doTERRA, my enroller interviewed me for a team call, and then a leadership magazine writer interviewed me for an article. I thought I would just share the answers to some of the questions my interviewers asked. If you’re also building a business, I hope it helps and […]

DIY Cleaners with Essential Oils

Green, inexpensive household cleaners

My research into the harmful effects of most over-the-counter products began when my oldest son was an infant. He had horrible eczema and dermatitis, and I wanted to eradicate any potential irritants and harsh chemicals from our home.

Now We’re Cooking!

Simple Recipes to Start Cooking with Essential Oils

For some reason, I’ve been a little intimidated to cook with essential oils. My family and I already take doTERRA’s EOs internally on a regular basis, so that wasn’t my concern. I just didn’t want to screw up a dish (or ruin my wonderful essential oils in a bad attempt at cooking)!

Essential Skin Care

Non-toxic DIY for healthy skin

For eight years I touted the benefits of the skin care line I proudly sold, and I sincerely believed no one should have been using anything else because the ingredients in all of the world’s other products simply weren’t pure, safe, or beneficial enough.