Healthy Habits All Year Long

Ideas, tips, & recipes to launch you into wellness

Just about everyone is ready to think about their health and healthy habits in a new year, and we love helping people with ideas, recipes, and products that will help establish those habits. I recently hosted a friend and team member, Angie Schinke, who is also a fitness instructor, on my monthly webinar. She had […]

Help for the Holidays

Essential oils to the rescue!

Is holiday joy synonymous with holiday stress in your life? dōTERRA is here to help you manage  holiday hubbub! Boosting holiday spirit has never been easier with essential oils helping you along every step of the way. Can’t plan anything because you’re too overwhelmed? Relax with AromaTouch or a nice essential oil infused bath. Need your house […]

Essential Oils for Your Pets

Care for your furry and feathered friends naturally!

Is Fido feeling anxious or having trouble with fleas or ticks? Maybe Felix is having urinary trouble or skin irritation. Why not try essential oils? Essential oils offer many of the same benefits for pets as they do for humans, but we do take additional precautions since many pets can be more sensitive to certain […]

dōTERRA & Clearly Essential October News

Upcoming Classes, Fall Recipes, and Great Promos!

October and autumn are upon us! Make sure you’re well equipped for the hustle, bustle, threats, and stress of the season so you can enjoy its beauty with those you love. Check out my latest newsletter, chock full of recipes, usage ideas, specials, and helpful information.

September News

dōTERRA's Specials + Recipes, DIY, & Education

Highlights in this month’s newsletter include: How to help Hurricane Harvey relief efforts Annual convention news September specials & promotions Upcoming educational opportunities (in North Carolina and online) Diffuser recipes Blueberry lemon muffin recipe (gluten free and sugar free!) Flavored toothpicks DIY Makeup setting spray DIY Blending oils (science for kids and kids at heart!) […]

Finding and Identifying Builders

Become a leader and attract your tribe

In this business, we often hear the common question, “How do I find builders?” While this is a great question, we must first start by identifying what makes someone a builder and perhaps even ask ourselves, “Am I really a builder?” Unfortunately, we have no magic formula for finding a builder. In this business, instead, […]